Join us for the last MAPHAVE’s commented course on September 25th at 18:30, with René Gour.

Limited seating: Reservations required

Journey time: 50 minutes.

Starting point: St. Hubert on the corner of de Maisonneuve

The Department of Human Affairs and Patents, animal, plant and elementary (MAPHAVE) presents his first study, done in the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. In June and July 2014, the field team collected from nine residents and users of this district their impressions of their living environment. They answered the question: « What do you particularly like about your neighborhood? « . From the answer, another question was asked them: « What area would you like to transform it and how? « . They then chose a specific place they explored the possibilities of transformation. Their stories have spawned new projects presented in a journey that itself becomes an issue visitor survey.

This Thursday, September 25th at 18:30, join the  MAPHAVE’s commented course by the spokesman of the ministry, Mr. René Gour.

With a free iOS app you can view the new alternative realities proposed by each participant. By placing symbols on the floor and performing a rotational motion, you can turn on your phone timed sequence with the existing landscape.

Download the free application from the Apple Store MAPHAVE or visit the Department for full details of new projects and reserve your place for reviewed course.

Download the application for free MAPHAVE
Make a reservation for an annotated course
Visit the Department to view videos of the project


1 / Before starting the course, download the free app on your iOS MAPHAVE iPhone or iPad.
2 / Ensure that the compass of your device is updated and get yourself headsets (headphones).
3 / On the spot, position yourself on the mark in the direction indicated by the arrows.
4 / Select the project associated with your location in the application menu.
5 / Scan the space in panoramic 280 °.