Infinitas Locis Project – Call for participants

We want you!

Infinitas Locis – Reimagine the Quartier des spectacles

10 places reimagined by citizens

A proposition by André Éric Létourneau and Claire Dehove

You live, work or use the Quartier des spectacles on a regular basis, or you used to? We offer you to contribute to an artistic and innovative project open to all.

Grab the opportunity to show the public your personnal view of the Quartier des spectacles!
You get to reimagine the space and its uses. You will meet the artists and accompany them on the spot you chose in the district. The artists will film from different perspectives and at different moments of the day in order to recreate the space according to your ideas.
Your thoughs on the district will then be translated in video. You will be invited to participate in the making.
Your video will be shown between August 30th an October 10th 2014 at the place you reimagined.

In the Quartier des spectacles.
In June, according to your availability.

This project is open to all. For more information or to sign up please contact :
Elsa Bert – 514-331-6667 // public [at]