The musical fruit store

The musical fruit store

The 2013 musical Grocery
Jerome Mining, Marie-Pierre Normand and Tristan Malavoy
Production ADRs in collaboration with Moisson Montreal
Presented as part of the 10th Improbables Stopovers Montreal


Following the success of the first version in 2012, the team creating music the grocery store offers
including new enhanced version of a new component Talks music the grocery store.

Talks of Grocery music:
On 7 and 8 September at 16h (20 min), Tristan Malavoy will meet with representatives of cultures
vegetable and songwriter. And if each other were facing similar issues?
Whether in terms of production, but also promotion and distribution rules of the game
changed significantly over the last twenty years. It is time to adapt and find solutions
news, in a sector as in the other. Crossed on media looks may not be so far
it seems.
Composers participants in 2013:
Alaclair Together, Alice & the Intellects, Amylie, Bliss, Clarity Dany Placard, Dave Growl
Constantinople, Forest, Frederick Baron, Greenland, Guido del Fabro, Jerome Mining, Jipé Dalpe, KOF
Black Tuesday, Monogrenade, Nora Zion, Punctuation, René Lussier, Safia Nolin, Sébastien Lacombe Street
Meat, Tristan Malavoy and Yann Perreau.
The concept:
The musical Grocery offers unique and unlikely marriage of local products, all at once musical and
agricultural. This ephemeral kiosk, presented this year by songwriters Jerome Mining and
Tristan Malavoy, as well as visual artist Marie-Pierre Normand, offers an entertaining encounter
between music creators, farmers and walkers curious! For the sum of 99 cents,
everyone can get a fruit or vegetable that musical feed at once his senses, body and
his mind.
At the invitation of the Grocery Music, 24 craftsmen from diverse musical backgrounds and 3 farmers
region will reveal unpublished productions vegetable or fruit size. All these fruits and
musical vegetables produced locally and will only be available on the event website
during the festival.
In a booth made with poor and recyclable materials, the walker may, through
revolutionary technology, very close to the magic, « taste » fruit and vegetables musical. In
returning home, he can enjoy the contents of the shopping basket and download music
via a dedicated website for this ephemeral project.
The aim of the game design, friendly and poetic relationship is to the people that make
push songs, with humans who grow fruits and vegetables and others
who relish. Culture and Agriculture: same roots, same struggles, the same needs, the same
essential pleasures?

TEAM 2013
Jerome Mining: Original idea and script
Marie-Pierre Normand: visual design and scenography
Tristan Malavoy: Spokesperson of the 2013 edition and host of the music Grocery Talks
Sylvie Teste: Producer
Matthew Thoer: Coordinator
Philippe Blanchette: Technique


« With the music format has become increasingly virtual, it was among other things to give him a
flavor, texture, it again become a physical object. But also, for me, link producers
local fruits and vegetables to local creators of music, this is symbolic.  »
(Jerome Mining – 24h – Friday, August 31, 2012)
« It still takes a sense of humor to participate in this project, because it is wacky. Same
if there is a philosophical side behind a reflection on the loss of materiality of music
associating a digestible object.  »
(Jerome Mining – Press – Saturday, September 1, 2012)


Where: On the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal, 10th Improbables Stopovers Montreal
WHEN: Friday 6 12 at 17:30
Saturday 7 and Sunday, September 8, 2013 between 14h and 18h