Musical naps

Musical naps

Les siestes musicales – Emerging music, amazing and played by musicians at the heart of the public.

A unique way to hear a variety of musical genres lying on mats and cushions. The Siestes Musicales are an invitation to relax, discovering immergentes, dreamlike and played live by musicians living in the heart of public music.
This year, naps change places! Always the Old Port of Montreal, but facing the Quai Alexandra, an intimate space where musicians succeed all afternoon lull the public continuously with specially adapted versions of their works.

A relaxation space in partnership with Slow Cow will allow you to relax and have a drink enjoying the music .

Siestes musicales

  • Who?

Diane Labrosse (Montréal)
Ensemble Constantinople (Montréal)
Montag / Antoine Bédard (Montréal)

  • Where and When ?

6, 7 and 8 september 2013, 1pm to 5.30 pm // Old Port of Montréal facing the Quai Alexandra.