Introduction to canoe camping

Introduction to canoe camping

Initiation au Canot-Camping

De Diane Labrosse / MONTRÉAL



Tame the canoe-camping here in urban areas, thanks to two new facilities.
The « tent immersion »

Having belonged to real campers, the « tent immersion » is designed to accommodate small groups of 4 to 5 people. Spend a few minutes away you can tame a specific sound fauna and prepare you well – all neophyte you are – the camping life. Several options are available: camping beach (Forillon Park), camping (Parc du Mont-Tremblant), family (Camping Georgette and Emile), Scout campsite (Camping Moose), camping accessible by highway (Camping Sainte-Madeleine). The choice is yours …

Design: Diane Labrosse

The « virtual boat »

Since this is a virtual boat, the installation uses the imagination of each and since it is an interactive device, it appeals to public participation. Installed safely aboard the craft, participants become brave paddlers use an oar to generate an evocative soundscape and evolving. The boat is connected to the speakers, all attendees can swim in this peaceful world. Paddlers of all ages are welcome.
Long live the great outdoors!

Sound Design: Diane Labrosse

Visual Design: Stéphane Longpre

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Escales de Jour

Le samedi 7 et dimanche 8 septembre sur les Quais du Vieux Port entre le quai Alexandra et l’Écluse entre 13h et 19h