Human Juke Box

Human Juke Box


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Christophe Hocké / Théâtre de chambre / FRANCE

Artistic Collaboration : Christophe Piret


In the box to display the midst of his many instruments, Christophe Hocke distills music and songs from the 60s to today. Just turn the knobs and switches for the ‘Human Jukebox’ is set in motion, with a quaint sophistication that will swoon with delight the hearts of all working girls. Over and above a musical performance or a music box, the artist leaves plenty place for improvisation. This firm sound curiosities is the link between plastic surgery, musical and theatrical performance, all with humor and offset.

To Nick Wave to France Gall, through Johnny Cash and Madonna, the artist offers us an opportunity to sway in different places of the Place des Arts as a dance floor. For 6 days, follow the Juke Box around the Place des Arts. Come listen, dance, zapper, and why not try the Human Juke Box of Christopher Hocke.

Artistic conception: Christophe Hocké

Realisation :  Christophe Hocké (musicien), Roland Gagneux (sculpteur), Matthieu Virot (électronicien)

Artistic collaboration : Christophe Piret

Production: théâtre de chambre – 232U

Human Juke Box is présented in Montréal by the EIM in collaboration with the Quartier des spectacles and the Place des Arts

Ils font partie de ce genre de doux dingues sympathiques qui peuvent faire rire autant qu’impressionner.’ Le Mensuel de Rennes, Juillet 2012

-Cabaret  des Curiosités du Phénix, Valenciennes, France 2012

– Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, France, 2013


  • Where and when ? 

Tuesday 3, wednesday 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6 : 12:30pm and 16:30 (1h).
Saturday 7, Sunday 8 : 14:00, 16:30 (1h).




– FRIDAY 6 : Chemin de la Reine (2)

– SATURDAY 7 : Emmarchement de la place des Arts (3)

– SUNDAY 8 : South of the place des Festivals (4)