Musical Siestas with the red milkweed beetle

Artists: Josianne Paradis, Olivier Alary et Tristan Malavoy (Quebec)
Date: du 16 août 2014 au 30 mai 2024
Location Insectarium's gardens (4581 Sherbooke Street East)
Price: 11$ to 18$75 for regular admission

Every Saturday afternoon, it’s time to take a break in the beautiful Insectarium garden with a Musical Siesta, where you can admire the season’s loveliest insects and discover a rich program of events by Antoine Bédard, composed of eclectic music performed by musicians amid the spectators.
On August 16th, come to discover the red milkweed beetle, whose colour is a warning to predators.

JOSIANNE PARADIS / 1:30pm to 1:55pm and 3:10pm to 3:35pm.
OLIVIER ALARY / 1:55pm to 2:20pm and 3:10pm to 3:35pm.
TRISTAN MALAVOY / 2:20pm to 2:45pm and 3:35pm to 4:00pm.