Fantaisie des Escales :Bouillon #1

Date: du 11 décembre 2014 au 11 novembre 2014
Location Eastern Bloc (7240 Clark, 2e étage Montreal, QC Métro Parc)
Price: General admission at the door only: $5

J-1 Day

Les Escales Improbables  invite you  to celebrate end of the year and winter with  a new  venue festive and friendly which will mark the end of 2014 and the beginning of an adventure for 2015.


5 artists from different disciplines have carte blanche. This meeting is designed to respond to the desire to imagine a new concept to present the art of today and to have fun.

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ARM Psykick Lyrikah Rapper MC (Rennes, France)

ARM is hand written and the voice of rap collective Psyckik Lyrikah. His flow is infused with influences from the street, from the darkness of life until the tragedy of theater. Music that bears his texts is powerful, dark, affected both by the rock, blues and electro.

L.O.S. aka Laurent Dupras, Human Beat Boxer (France)

Won the first championship of France beatbox in 2006, L.O.S. is recognized for its level of beatbox disconcerting … Multiplying projects and artistic encounters this world-class beatboxer became a key figure in the field.

Marilyne Fournier, Performance of the body (Montreal)

Marilyne Fournier is a performance artist who lives and works in Montreal. His artistic research is concerned with potential theatricality, the gestures of the body and the poetry of the object. In her performances, she discusses staged in a cramped to the object and space report.

Allison Moore, Pluridisciplinary Artist (Montreal)

A multidisciplinary artist, Allison Moore employs in his traval varied mediums such as video, installation and drawing. Montreal adoption Moore searched to represent his art that combines traditional practices – puppets – new technologies – viédos projections and print.

Jessica Arseneau,  Pluridisciplinary Artist (Montreal)

Sometimes playful, the work of Jessica Arseneau questions the reciprocal transformations of the individual and his social environment. It shows the limits of desire and seduction soumisent consumerism omnipotent. During a residency at El Madina for Performing Arts and Digital Alexandria (2013), and as an echo of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, she gets mouthpiece from a socio-political art made by the women singing.

Alcazar, Electro-rock music group

Alcazar is a new rock quintet born of Montreal electronic snow which takes its wings. With their frenetic rhythms bewitched volcanic voice, the electro-rock band, defies gravity for you to float in their supersonic space … Alleluia!

An evening in collaboration with Eastern Bloc