everyday / Infiltration, weekend 1 – Canadian premiere

Artists: Tedi Tafel (Montreal )
Date: du 06 septembre 2014 au 07 septembre 2014
Price: Free

everyday is in two parts: Walks and Infiltrations. Walks take place during the week and Infiltrations are on the weekends.

everyday / Infiltration, weekend 1. A performance for 3 people (3 places per performance). Reserve below.

  • Saturday September 6th, 3pm in Centre-sud.
  • Sunday September 7th, 3pm in Centre-sud.

everyday is taking place from September 6 to September 19. To know everyday other dates and book a place, see the other pages of the project:

everyday / Infiltration, weekend 2

everyday / Walks, week 1

everyday / Walks, week 2

everyday is a series of improvised performances that immerse both dancer and spectator in the raw materials of the day to day. Through discreet interaction with city spaces and the people that inhabit them, the performers draw our attention to the unnoticed, hidden or unexpressed aspects of public living. By gently subverting social codes of behavior and quietly sabotaging the accepted norms of how we are supposed to interact with our surroundings, everyday seeks instead to step closer to the world, revealing the beauty, depth and vulnerability of the human situation and the layers of meaning and enchantment to be found in daily life.

For 14 consecutive days the public is invited to witness everyday as it plays out in numerous Montreal neighborhoods. The series takes 2 forms: you can either participate in a walk through the city following one or two dancers or you can come to a specific location and witness its subtle infiltration by a small group of performers. Both are intimate experiences: the walks are for one spectator at a time, the infiltrations for a very limited audience. In order for the performers to weave inconspicuously into the daily activities of the outdoor spaces, for the general public to remain unaware, and for the invited guests to see both life and art intermingling, the audience must be willing to remain discreet. (some coaching will take place pre-event). They must also be prepared to move about as we explore outside usual performance conventions and head into the streets and parks of the city. Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Conceived and Directed by Tedi Tafel
Improvised Performances by Leslie Baker, Marc Boivin, Bill Coleman, Dean Makarenko, Lin Snelling
Creative Support Chad Dembski, Caroline Loncol-Daigneault, Monique Jean, Guy Cools
Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts
Photo credit: Tedi Tafel




The Festival Les Escales Improbables and Tedi Tafel thank the Canada Council for the Arts.


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