Enjoy the commented route of MAPHAVE on September 18th

The Minister of human, animal, vegetable and elementary Business and Trifles presents its first study, done in the Quartier des Spectacles of Montreal. In June and July 2014, the ground team gathered together nine residents and users of this neighbourhood to find out their impressions of their living environment. The participants responded to the question: What do you like in particular about your neighbourhood? After their response, a second question was posed to them: Which sector would you like to see transformed and how? The participants then chose a specific place in which they explored the possibilities of transformation. Their accounts gave birth to nine projects presented in the form of a route which itself has become a topic of interest among visitors.  Thanks to a free iOS app, you can see the nine alternative realities proposed by each of the participants. By positioning yourself at the symbols indicated on the ground and by rotating yourself, you can activate a synchronized sequence of the existing landscape on your phone.

Enjoy the commented route of MAPHAVE on September 18th at 6pm30.

iPhone users can download the app “MAPHAVE” at the Apple Store under Apps or watch the videos on Viméo.


  • 1 /Before beginning the route, download the free iOS MAPHAVE app on you iPhone or iPad.
  • 2 / Check the compass on your device is working and bring earphones with you.
  • 3 / On site, put yourself on the sign on the floor in the direction indicated by the arrows.
  • 4 / Select the project associated with your localisation in the app menu.
  • 5 / Screen the space on a 280° panorama approximatly.