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           Rooted in the Montreal community since 2004, Les Improbables Escales de Montréal welcomed and supported more than 800 artists, presented 30 creations and were involved in more than 46 productions.

  Whether with the international festival (The rendez- vous Art without borders), or activities during the year in Montreal, but also worldwide, the EIMcontinue to support a multidisciplinary approach, intergenerational, creative and social the place of art in the city.

  By making a donation, you bring a breath of fresh air to the EIM. Trough your generosity, we can continue to offer to you as always a program which goes out of the box and moves the art where we don’t expect it always.

Each donation is a support to the creators of undisciplined arts, and fir that, we thank you!

Even the smallest donation can contribute to significant achievements.


All the roads go to  Les Escales Improbables de Montréal!

How to contribute to EIM : 

1) Make a check at the order of (Only Canada and USA accepted):

 Les Escales Improbables de Montréal

Send your check at this adress :

Festival Les Escales Improbables de Montréal

Immeuble Groover

2025 rue Parthenais, local 246

Montréal, Québec, H2K 3T2


3) By internet payment : 

4) Contact us directly :

Email :

Tel : 1 (514) 313-6667

Thank you for your generosity!


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