World of Interiors

  • Performance —North America Premiere
  • Artists : Ana Borralho & João Galante (Portugal)
  • Dates : Friday 11th September 2015 at 7pm and Saturday 12th September 2015 at 3pm
  • Place : Maison de la culture de Frontenac (2550 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2K 1W7) – Métro Frontenac (green line)
  • Price : voluntary contribution
  • Duration : 1h30. Show in french, portuguese and spanish.

World of Interiors is a performance installation where audience are confronted with a disconcerting setting: people lying on the floor, eyes closed, apparently motionless. It seems that nothing is happening. In this emptiness we have no choice but to act, to approach maybe, to touch, to intrude into the intimacy of the bodies lying before us. We seek to move closer to the performers, to get a glimpse of this Interior World. In this new intimacy, we are caught off guard by the text, the whispered words of Rodrigo Garcia. The performers are whispering the angry and poetic words of the playwright Rodrigo Garcia. The audience has to approach the performers bodies to understand what they are saying.

« World of Interiors » explores the border/relationship between spectators and the piece; it seeks to integrate the audience into the time and space of the performance and to identify the tensions between art and the codes that govern society. In this installation/performance, the spectator can enter and leave the performance space at will. He or she has the liberty to define how long to remain inside, whether to stay with one performer or move on to another one. Each performer has a different collage of texts to say. There is a score for the texts. They are part of a collective partition, with moments of silences, chorus and cannons.

This work emerges out of Ana Borralho and João Galante’s unique parcours in the world of performing arts. Over the years the two artists have developed their research into a consistent and mature body of work; always hybrid, it traverses the boundaries of visual and performing arts. in alkantara festival 2010 program

Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo García is one of the most prominent playwrights on the national and international scene. His way of viewing theatre led him to create his own artistic formula, far from the spectacular and more conventional staging. Originally from Argentina but living in Spain, and with a professional career linked to advertising, Rodrigo García is the author of some of the most representative titles on the alternative scene, all of them produced by his own theatre troupe, La Carnicería Teatro.


alkantara Festival 2010Museu Colecção Berardo

May 2010 Lisbon / Portugal


ActOral.8 – Festival International des Arts et des Écritures Contemporaines September 2010, Marseille / France

Teatro Maria Matos October 2010, Lisbon / Portugal

SESC Mostra de Artes 2010 November 2010, São Paulo / Brazil

PQ11, Prague Quadriennal of space and performance June, Prague – Czech Républic

Antigel Festival February 2014, Genève, Switzerland


  • Concept, direction artistique, espace scénique et lumière: Ana Borralho & João Galante
  • Performers: performers locaux choisis à travers workshop
  • Agopian Talar, Alieh Nathalie, Babin Valérie, Bardovaqui Sara, Bassett Nancy, Brisson Judith, Catudal Lise, Chickee Nathalie, Courtemanche Anne-Marie, Debuisne Arnaud, Del Cid Salomom, Delapierre Dominique, Desjardins Lise, Enault Ravenna M., Espino Hernandez Leonardo, Gagnon Ghislaine, Gardères-Lafore Fabi, Hurtado silvia, JRIDI Mohamed, Leclerc Frédéric, Michaud Rose, Monet Nathalie, Pelletier Julien, Raposo Paula, Rodríguez Ponce David, Roy L’Ecuyer Myriam, Tabor Isabelle, Visconti Maria José, Yan Ling. 

  • Texte à partir de l’oeuvre théâtrale de Rodrigo Garcia
  • Collaboration dramaturgique Tiago Rodrigues
  • Collaboration artistique Alface(Cátia Leitão), Antonia Buresi, Tiago Gandra
  • Mentor artistique Fernando Ribeiro
  • Mentor lumière Thomas Walgrave
  • Production exécutive Ana Borralho, Mónica Samões, Andrea Sozzi
  • Production casaBranca
  • Co-production alkantara festival 2010, Musée Colecção Berardo, Útero Association Théâtrale / Espaço Land, CNDC – Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers
  • Soutien Atelier Real, Grande Cena, IEFP, JGM, VôArte, Centro de Reabilitação e Paralisia Cerebral Calouste Gulbenkian, TNT/Manufacture de Chaussures-Bordeaux
  • Remerciements Alexia Larrarté, Ana Margarida Carvalho, Antonia Buresi, Carlos Marquerie, Flávio Rodrigues, Lara Pires, Marie Mignot, Mateo Feijóo, Nec – Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica, Pedro Joel, Rodrigo Garcia, Roman Perona, Vera Rocha, Walter Lauterer et tous les performers qui ont participé aux divers phases du project.
  • Residence artístique CNDC – Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers
  • Soutien à la Première Départs, Culture Programme of the European Union
  • casaBranca est une structure financée par la Secrétairerie Générale de la Culture / Direction Générale des Arts
  •  Mondes Interieurs /World of Interiors est soutenu par la Fundação Gulbenkian