Tête de lecture : Literary appointement

  • Literary appointment
  • Artist : Yves Heck (France)
  • Dates :Saturday 5, August 2015 at 2pm
  • Location :Rue – Guilbault Est, corner Saint-Laurent
  • Free entry
  • This event take place in french only

Tête de lecture, the literary appointment with a new style is an unique and eclectic moment of exchange, where the hazard and the audience`s tastes make the show.

The comedian and reader Yves Heck reveals your most loved literary pieces. Randomly drawn, the text extracts brought by everyone who wants to, make The head reader, a genuine literary appointment of a new style. Yves Heck fully fills in the scene, where the love for letters creates a moment to share of an unique privacy.

Everything is possible in The head reader. Charles Baudelaire or Honoré de Balzac can go along with Rodrigo Garcia, Lautréamont, Chris Marker, Valéry Larbaud, Fernando Pessoa, Serge Gainsbourg or David Foenkinos. It is above all a beautiful experience to live. It is a gesture full of meanings, emotions and surprises, to hand an important text for us to someone who will return it and share it through his voice and interpretation.

Surprises can also appear during this literary randomly hour as when, while reading a sequence from The page of Proust a page from The research, randomly chosen by the audience, is being read out of the blue, or while the sequence http://short-edition.com/, publisher of short novels, is being interrupted in order to discover another author.

« I love reading aloud. I do not like knowing what I will be reading but I love to project myself, to give myself entirely to reading. This leap into the void pushes me into the present and can built along with the audience, word after word, an unique, surprising, temporary relationship that can only exist once and only one time. All this gave me the idea for Tête de lecture. » Yves Heck

After the exit of Tête de lecture in March 2014, invited by the Escales Improbables de Montréal, in partnership with the Gallimard library while the Nuit Blanche, we are very happy to welcome him back once again to Montreal.

« The strong sequence of the literary art works builds unexpected and rewarding connections, participating in the friendly atmosphere of the event during which the audience establishes a more joyful interact with the scene and a more spontaneous exchange with the comedian. » Libération

Bring one or two pages of literature (novel, poetry, songs, news, stories) that touch your heart to participate to the draw of the texts! You will receive a raffle ticket. If hazard chooses you, your text will be randomly read by the comedian Yves Heck, the creator of the concept.

Les Escales Improbables de Montréal offer four performances of the Tête de Lecture in Montréal between 29th of August 2015 and the 6th of September 2015 :

  • Saturday the 29th of August at 6pm at Parc des Compagnons (rue Mont-Royal, angle Cartier). A partnership with Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir.

  • Sunday the 30th of August at 2pm at Parc Le Prévost (rue de la Roche). A partnership with Hors les Murs Program.

During the festival:

  • Saturday the 5th of September at 2pm Rue – Guilbault Est. A partnership with La Société de Développement du Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

  • Sunday the 6th of September at 2pm – Terrasse du Saint-Jude (3988 rue Saint-Denis). A partnership with La SDC Pignons rue Saint-Denis, during « la Fête de Septembre ». Thanks to Saint-Jude for its participation..

Tête de lecture will be also present outside Montréal :

  • Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd August at 3pm – Jardins de Métis (Villa Estevan)

  • Friday the 11th of September at 6pm – Parc Félix-Gabriel Marchand (Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu). Tête de lecture « Spécial Art », Action Art Actuel

  • Saturday the 12th of September at 5pm – Centre Action Art Actuel (191 rue Richelieu-St Jean/Richelieu). Tête de lecture « Spécial Art », Action Art Actuel,


  • Based on an idea of and with : Yves Heck
  • With the complicity of : Thierry Illouz
  • Landscape adaptation : Stéphane Bertrand
  • Production : The head researcher


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