Ensemble Scholastica is a female vocal ensemble based in Montréal, the only one that specializes in the performance of medieval plainchant and polyphony (circa 800-1300 A.D.). Yes, we study and sing from medieval manuscripts, but not only in the name of « authenticity ». We wish to share with listeners the true beauty and intricacy of medieval music, in particular medieval liturgical traditions, the very roots of Western music. Our audiences have the chance to experience the remarkable joy and complexity of medieval spirituality and culture.

Our ensemble is comprised of a selection of talented and dedicated vocalists (some of whom also play medieval instruments) from Montréal’s thriving early music community. We are currently directed by leading medieval music specialist Rebecca Bain.

For the Siestes musicales, Ensemble Scholastica will showcase a trio of its singers: Rebecca

Bain, Cynthia Gates and Angèle Trudeau