Savina Yannatou

Born in Athens, Savina Yannatou studied music with G.Georilopoulou National Conservatory and later at the Centre for singing Athens Spiros Sakkas. She did her postgraduate studies at the Guildhall School in London (music and theater) through a grant from the Foundation Mousigetis.
Still a student, he was given the opportunity to sing in the popular Greek Lillipoupoli broadcast on National Radio 3, which brought him to work under the direction of renowned composer Manos Hadjidakis. Thus began his professional career.

It also invests in contemporary opera, especially Nikos Mamangakis and took the habit of putting his talent to the theater, documentary, video art, pantomime or electronic music. In the early 90s, she began to experiment with different techniques of free improvisation. Meanwhile, she began a collaboration with musicians of Thessaloniki.

Savina has devised its own projects (ao Rosa das Rosas and Dreams of the mermaid out by Musurgia Graeca), but she is also very involved in the theater: Medea, played by the Greek National Theatre (1997 ), Bacchai (2005), Dibuk (2006) and The Woman of Zakynthos signed by Dionyssios Solomos.

The musical odyssey Savina Yannatou made ​​him go various genres and styles. About 20 LPs and CDs are his discography. In recent years, she has worked with Constantinople, Lamia Bedioui, Elena Ledda, Sussan Deyhim, Mauro Palma, Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala, the Ochestra of Colours (Greece), Ludovico Einaudi and Taranta Orchestra ao Italy In the field of improvisation, she is committed to Pitschheider Guenther, Floros Floridis and since 2005 with bassist Barry Guy.

Quelques créations / discographie:

  • Attikos
  • Sumiglia
  • Terra Nostra
  • Virgin Maries of the World
  • Songs of the Mediterranean
  • Spring in Salonica
  • Musique des Chambres
  • Pao na Po sto Synnefo
  • Traditional lullabies