Philippe Le Goff

A composer and sound artist trained in the Lyon Conservatory’s Acousmatics program (under Denis Dufour)and an INALCO graduate in Inuit Language & Culture (with Michèle Therrien)

For over twenty years, Philippe Le Goff has developed a singular body of work around sound and music in various artistic and scientific settings. His approach is complemented by researchwork on “the vocal practices and sound environment of the Inuits of the Arctic” that sets the basis for an anthropology of sonics. Out of this background, artistic productions have developed in various contexts ranging from live performancesto exhibitions and installations that led him to collaborate on museum projectsand documentaries.
Since 2002, Le Goff’s works are developing as part of a cycle entitled Nature Blues.

In the Inuit myth of Nutiq (The Crack), the roar itself becomes a being, a shy being since its face is all cracked…
In this oral culture, the sense of hearing is privileged, any sound difficult to identify feeds the imagination, and vocal practices are enriched by invented sound “languages.” There are communities with or without writing, but all communities are oral communitie.