Multimedia performance

Artists : Eryck Abecassis & Olivia Rosenthal (France)
Dates : Wednesday 9 and Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 20h
Location : Bain Mathieu ( 2915 Rue Ontario E, Montreal , QC H2K 1X7 ) Metro Frontenac

  • Fees (Include taxes)
  • Presale : 20$
  • Régulier : 22$
  • Students and 65 years old or + : 16$
  • Groups of 10 or +: 16$

We know how the boats are born … Speeches and ceremonies, parties and champagne … But do we know how they die ?

Noisindia# project was born in India. Three -month stay for an artistic research residence on boats breakers (the ship- breakers) in Alang to prepare a musical drama based on the creation/use/destruction cycle. The composer Eryck Abecassis gets together for you, video and sound materials collected there, coming from opencast sites where the ships, trawlers and tankers are being recycled worldwide. They are being offered a new life embracing the rhythm of those who broke them, who split them into pieces, who divided them, who brought them to despair. In the middle of the sites, these metamorphosis are giving birth to an audible and visual polyphony.

With Olivia Rosenthal, Noisidia takes the form of a musical and multimedia play. The text becomes an element of sound and visual composition. He tells the story of the construction site, the activities of the workers, the way they are cutting the ships and the beginning of the metamorphosis of all these materials. Combining documentary and fiction, it resonates with video editing and the musical work both playing with alternative descriptive elements (the sounds of a metal plate that falls, the image of a stranded ship) and poetic elements (a flying eagle, breaths and crunches, the endless stream of cars on the road at night).

Each Noisindia is a small independent and autonomous form. The music composition, video and installation sequences, they way of representing everything on the stage, all these elements change and evolve at every concert so no Noisindia is similar to the previous one. Do not wait, embark on the ship !

« … A musical road movie video and also a literary one on recycling: the actions of the workers who destroy the ships, the money, organization, the metamorphosis of materials. Noisindia # keeps the living trace of India, a matrix of cycles.» Festival Bien Entendu!



How is waste being dealt with in the world today?
Alongside with the show, a meeting around this theme will bring together various local actors, with the two artists. Tuesday, September 8 from 17:30 to 18:30 at Laika (4040 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 1Y8) . free

    Design, Composition :: Eryck Abecassis
    Analog /computer/video :: Eryck Abecassis
    Text/Voice :: Olivia Rosenthal