LODHO — L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres

L’Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (LODHO) is a permanent building site for live art, established in Quebec City in 2001 and run by a group of undisciplined artist-musicians (music, theatre, performance, urban art, etc.). Always prepared to see what lies behind things, and to pull the invisible strings, its members do not think in disciplinary terms. Instead, they are interested in the crossbreeding of diverse languages and the artistic objects that result.

Symbolized by the figure of the one-man band, a kind of jack-of-all-trades with no specific talent apart from the ability to do everything at once, the approach of LODHO is based on transversality, on intersecting lines. In approaching the methods of the jack-of-all-trades, the group is moving away from uniformity and standardization, proposing an art form based on resourcefulness and intelligence, on a reconciliation between contemporary art and popular culture.

Demonstrating its versatility and desire for renewal, LODHO multiplies collaborations with artists from all backgrounds, visual arts, music, dance, performance, etc.

LODHO created ten original works including four pieces for the stage, Performs Tom Waits, New Cackle Sisters, Dada and Shattered Cabaret, as well as six street performances using antique trucks: Mobiloscope, Tintamarre caravane, Ciné-Parc,Vin chaud, Les Palais and Convoi.