Jean-Luc Therminarias

He is a composer associated with GMEM since 1990, which led him to work with such diverse composers and instrumentalists Marius Constant, David Moss, Ali N. Askin, Quatuor Helios … It is also composer in residence at the Art H. Foundation Clews, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida) with Robert Ashley.

He composed music for exhibitions, video and film.In 1998, he became a composer associated with the 326 Cooperative led by Jean Lambert-wild. They work on different projects and Splendour Captain Marion Déperrier Weariness, Drumlike (control condition). In 1999, The Burrow by Franz Kafka in 2000, Somnia Aegri and The Wall in 2002, Orgia Pier Paolo Pasolini in 2001, Spaghetti’s Club in 2002 (for which they receive the scholarship Villa Medici outside the walls), Crisis Nerves-Tell me-love in 2003, Molting – First Mélopée in 2005.

At the appointment of Jean Lambert-wild in the direction of Caen Comedy Drama Centre National de Normandie in 2007, Jean Luc Therminarias becomes associate composer and participates in the creation of Woe Job in 2008.

They work together for the Use of forests, a co-directed with Michel Onfray, Carolyn Carlson, François Royet presented in November 2009 at the Comédie de Caen Theatre Hérouville show.

Discographie :

  • Un Cirque Horrifique / Le Poème Vorace , CD GMEM 09, 1998
  • Le Sommeil de la Raison Engendre des Monstres – CD GMEM 10, 1999
  • Drumlike – 326Music CD326001, 2001
  • Spaghetti’s Club – «Le point de vue de Lewis Carroll» – 326 Music CD326005, 2002
  • Spaghetti’s Club – «La Conclusion» – 326 Music CD326009, 2002
  • 87.1 The Eagle – DVD audio GMEM 19., 2004