Grand Silence / Great Stillness

  • Creation – Music and installation
  • Artists : 10.000 Horses (Alexis O’Hara &  Stephen Lawson) -Montreal
  • Date : September 11, 2015, during Fantaisies des Escales — Bouillon#2
  • Venue : Bain Mathieu (2915, Ontario Street) Metro station Frontenac or Préfontaine (green line)
  • Attention revised shedule. Show on  8pm30 to 0am30
  • Doors open at 8pm
  • Fees (Include taxes)
  • Presale :20$
  • Regular : 25$
  • Students and 65 +years old : 16$
  • Groups of 10 or + : 16$

A concert for enthousiasts of  heroic and passionate stories 

10.000 Horses is a new musical project of interdisciplinary artists Alexis O’Hara and Stephen Lawson. Playing the parts of Velvet and Lady Nite, they embody the local group that founds itself close to the end of the world.

Like Velvet (ukulélé, voice and electronics) and Lady Nite (synthesizers), they are sisters. In their dreams, they were visited by the spirit of Khutulun, Kubla Khan’s niece. This Mongolian warrior princess promised to marry the man who could defeat her in a wrestling match, all the ones who lose would pay in horses. Unbeatable, she wins 10 000 horses. Her won has been poorly understood. Today, the national fighting costume of Mongolia is made from a bolero that exposes the chest and thus prevents women from participating. The opera Turandot, is telling a big part of Khutulun’s story, as a murderous witch. Inspired by the true story of this fierce feminist, 10.000 Horses wants to make shine a musical light for the underestimated triumphs of our heroines.

The Great Stillness is a collection of songs which considers the emotional journey of the human heart as a microcosmic insight into the mystical forces of the universe. The title refers to a metaphorical space where all noise and chaos of human existence reaches a perfect quiet hum.

For 10.000 Horses, the usage of projections, inflatable structures , costumes and lighting effects is common to their singular performances. In The Great Silence, created on the 11th of September, the synthesizers et ukélélé create an atmosphere where the sound mixes with projections on multiple inflatable sculptures that transform themselves into the lovely story.

10.000 Horses will launch its first album during the evening of Fantaisies des Escales.

«Travel to this ventricle helmed in the bottom of the heart.

This heart tightens like a fist,

Lit cracks, burning tears are falling.

In the atrium, the waiting room,

The Great Silence surrounds us. » Alexis O’Hara

10 000 HORSES :

Artists : Alexis O’Hara and Stephen Lawson

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