Frank Bölter

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Born in Lippstadt (Germany), visual artist Frank Bölter presented many exhibitions before expanding his artistic practice to the achievement of paper and cardboard interventions in public space with its projects: « Akropolis-Linz » « Bis years Ende der Welt », « Auf großer Fahrt » or « Wellpapphaus / House – how to live. » International Print Triennial in Kanagawa « (Japan) in 2001, » Art Meets Industry « award Herford (Germany) in 2006 and the » International Art Biennial Award Lulea Lulea Summer « (Sweden) in 2007.

Through his works, he purposes a reflexion about the evolution of sense, especially for industrial materials. He tries to see what objectives by industrial products and its use by people. Going around the world in a boat carton, it attempts to convey a positive message, « like brick and you will see differently. Do not throw it consistently, look at what you could do. This would represent a change of mentality and behavior considerably. « 

  • Quelques créations:
  • Hirioshiitake, 2007, Columbus Art Foundation in Ravensburg ( Allemagne)
  • Akropolis-Linz, 2009, Linz ( Autriche) Capitale Européenne de la culture
  • Prix:
  • International Art Award Lulea Summer Biennal de Lulea (Suède) 2007
  • Art meets Industry award ( Allemagne) 2006

  • International Print Triennal de Kanagawa (Japon) 2001