François Royet

To turn his own films, Francois Royet working as a machinist, then he turns cameraman and cinematographer, he learns trades by loading the image of his own films and by the other directors for two forty feature films and short films and documentaries.

At the same time, it develops its own projects. Fascinated by the creative force of painters, he spent a short film in the adventure of Claude Monet in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, oil on canvas, and evokes in Pencil Earth Soap And Rust On Background Journal painter Jean Daligault, which, despite the living conditions extremely difficult, painted in exile. After presenting at the National Center of Cinematography Courbet scenario the Magnificent, François Royet gets help enabling it to achieve Courbet, The Torment, model of a feature which he honed the script.

In 2000, he decided to make a documentary about the world of the excluded. He worked for more than five years. Thus was born in 2007, after two years of editing, News By The Netherlands. Meanwhile, in 2005 he turned the beautiful nature documentary fiction Wildlife In The Reeds and then a creative documentary on contemporary dance in a prison, Intramuros, Movements (2006). In late 2006 and early 2007, François Royet is one of cinematographers film by Luc Jacquet – director of The March of the PenguinsThe Fox and the Child.

Quelques créations:

  • 1985: Profession écureuil
  • 1987: Sous peine de jazz
  • 1992: Camille le forgeron
  • 1992: Huile sur toile
  • 1994: Du vent pour un rêve
  • 1995: Alice au pays d’Ornans
  • 1995: L’Écho des derniers taillandiers
  • 1995: Crayon, terre, savon et rouille sur fond de journal
  • 1996: Frappé
  • 1996: Symphonie en lamineurs
  • 2000: Courbet, la tourmente
  • 2005: Vie sauvage dans les roseaux
  • 2006: Intra-muros, mouvements
  • 2007: Captation 01, ce chou si beau
  • 2007: Des nouvelles d’ici-bas