Franck Dadure

  A native of  the active radio city of Hague (Cotentin-FR), Franck Dadure was first seen on scene in the electro-jazz with The Fakir, the House cinema (Djako), before turning towards an electro acoustic aesthetics under the name of Iron Antenna, a larger project, combining all its influences. You can find many of his recordings and remixes on several international compilations (Pschent/Wagram/Emi…).

    Very active in terms of releases, he is welcomed on the label Signature Radio France with the release of the album Mélodies Lunatiques in 2012, a second album will be released under the same label at the end of 2015 under the name of Fakir Orchestra, and an LP under the pseudo name of   Antenne en fer (Sounds from the Hague city radio active) under the label Sound Escape/Djako records.

      While his staying here for the Escales Improbables de Montreal 2015, Frank Dadure, the musicial will share with us live various projects in different places and forms (musical siestas/Dj set/concerts/…)


Official websites :

Soundcloud Antenne en Fer 

Soundcloud The Fakir 

Events :

  • China Tour French Alliance December 2015
  • Qwartz 10-City of Fashion and Design-Paris (FR)
  • Ars Musica- Bruxelles (BE) Z.A.T sound installation (Montpellier -FR)
  • Nouvoson concert 5.1 studio 105 of Radio-France live at Remy Kolpa Kopoul venue(Radio Nova)
  • Les Tombées de la nuit -(Rennes-Fr)
  • Cinematic set-Chauffer dans la Noirceur (50 Fr)
  • Contemporary art gallery Eqart (Marciac Fr)
  • Escales improbables de Montréal- music siesta 2011- (Can)
  • Nuits Capitales Paris

The presence of Franck Dadure at Montréal is supported by SACEM.