Les Fantaisies des Escales — Bouillon #2

Music, circus, visual art, projections….

For the ones who are familiar with the adventures of Les Escales Improbables for several years, you have lived the outstanding evenings that we create in inspiring places. On the 11th of September, the Les Fantaisies des Escales — Bouillon #2 will be realized in collaboration with Le Bain Mathieu, offering a great opportunity to discover this ancient public bathhouse which was renovated and still conserves its own art deco style.

Les Fantaisies des Escales, represents a great evening, a tribute to imagination, the unexpected and the free spirit. An invitation to wonder from an universe to another and to let ourselves carried away by unexpected getaways, unique and customised for everyone. It is in fact a great mix of freedom for the artists and for all the ones participating.

♦ Cirquantique, 3 young artistes circassiennes will make us discover the Bain Mathieu

10.000 Horses, with their new album story Grand Silence will guide us in their emotional and metaphorical universe.

Etienne Doucet, influenced by Street art, bring the street inside the Bain Mathieu for a visual creation where the boundaries between metaphoric and abstract art and very tiny.

Franck Dadure and his machine’s orchestra will bring to our ears a new tune with his new project The Iron Antenna, a sound maze with cinematographic accents.

LODHO will be presenting a set of their latest compositions. A collection of songs, musical cabaret, the beginning of a long evening….

Not forgetting the Fresco of Fantaisies des Escales directed by Etienne Doucet where you can express yourself all evening …

And finally, all the surprises we do not disclose, as suprises need to be surprises !

On this night, we will disconnect you from the ordinary.