The Fakir : Dj set

Artist : Franck Dadure

Date : Tuesday September 8. From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Place : Laïka

Free entry

         Mélodies lunatiques, the third album of Franck Dadure, also known as the “The Fakir” for his skillful play of the Turkish and electronic clarinet. Should the adjective “lunatic” be understood in its French (unpredictable, add) or in its English sense (completely nuts)? Both, very certainly. Multipolar and versatile, the sound universe of this album, like his instigator, spins with the virtuosity of a prestidigitator between musical styles and worlds – onirical nu-jazz, cinematic trip-hop, psychedelic dub, Middle Eastern electroacoustic and narcotic drum & bass. A universe of which titles as whimsical as Alphavril, Istanbul Basilic Cistern or Atom Heart Phaser sum up well the sheer lunacy, and the cheeky and quirky freedom of tone.