Diane Labrosse

Working primarily in the digital sampler, Diane Labrosse is a regular on the current music scene and improvised music in Canada and abroad, where she participated in many major festivals. She has worked with several bands: Wondeur Brass, Justine, The Chickens (with Joane Hetu and Danielle P Roger), Pests (with Martin Tétreault), Ile Bizarre (with Martin Tétreault and Ikue Mori), Canoe Camping (Jean Derome ) Mecha Fixes Clock (Michel F Côté) and many others.

Her most recent projects can be found in various forms: Endangered Species, performance installation based on its objects Dactylotactiles trio of typists on images videographer Sébastien Cliche, Little Monsters, quintet music written on texts Guy Marchamps; Small treatise practical wisdom, textural array of instructions for flexible ensemble, the UFO, an orchestra of 30-40 musicians she runs from visual instructions.

For 15 years it has increased its collaborations in dance music has signed the last of you zest and Tears D’Anna K. Louise Bédard, Double Story Crystal Pite and Richard Siegal, RAFT Impact and Marc Boivin, target direction, The Ubiquitous Andrew Harwood, Blackmail, East Coker and Orlando Deborah Dunn and co-author of the What remains of Louise Bédard and Les Cousins ​​Harold Rheaume.

She has worked with directors Robert Lepage for parts Geometry of Miracles and Zulu Time, Gervais Gaudreault for parts and Stormy Night I Would Be a country, Steve MacCarthy for Bliss room. She created multimedia installations in unusual places with the company Tura-ya-moya (Denmark) and Theatre Cryptic (Scotland) and co-signed a facility for 16 speakers called for Sonarium Canadian Music Centre.

As a composer, she has written for the Ensemble SuperMusique and Space Sound Unlimited (Montreal), Array Music and The Burdocks (Toronto) and the NOW Orchestra 999 Years of Music (Vancouver). In 2006 she composed a symphony port (room for boat horns, two locomotives, percussion and compressed air bottles) in the framework of the event « Port Symphonies » Pointe-à-Callière and a room for a whole 9 toy pianos presented to the Vancouver Jazz Festival. In 2007, she participated in the project The Hearing Eye (Commissioner Sébastien Cliche) for which she wrote a piece from a photograph of Gwenaël Bélanger.

Her discography includes over 50 albums, most of which can be found on the independent label magnetic atmosphere. From 1979 to 2008 she was co-artistic director of SuperMusique Productions – production of contemporary music concerts.

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