Borrowing from the ancient city beacon lighting the East and West, all hatched in 1998 in Montreal, was conceived as a creative space, meeting and interbreeding by Kiya and Ziya Tabassian, the effervescent Tehran saw grow.

Kiya plays the setar, sings and composes, while Ziya explores the infinite possibilities of Tombak and percussion. Nourished by classical Persian tradition, music and poetry mixed, both feature a musical education both self-taught, academic and traditional.

In 2008, the band evolves and welcomes Pierre-Yves Martel, violist buff improvisation equally insatiable and adventurous few.
Since all three are constantly exploring the tracks, migratory experienced: the medieval manuscripts to contemporary aesthetics, of Mediterranean Europe to the Orient, through the open spaces of the New World Baroque.

Constantinople is associated with a view to creating research and other famous artists of the international scene, including the singer Françoise Atlan, Savina Yannatou, Rosario Tremendita, Ghada Shbeir or Irasema Terrazas, Greek Chordais In all, the Corsican polyphonic choir Barbara Furtuna or the Quebec group North Wind and the Afghan Rubab virtuoso Homayoun Sakhi, the DJ Mercan Dede, the most prominent, such as Ahmet Stambouliote Mısırlı or Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco.

Most creations Constantinople were recorded and broadcast by CBC. The set has to his credit ten discs ATMA and recently published First Dreams ANALEKTA.

Quelques créations:

Au cours de la décennie, l’ensemble Constantinople aura développé plus de 30 créations ayant voyagé dans près de 100 villes de 20 pays.


Prix Opus «Découverte de l’Année» 2003 du Conseil québécois de la musique