Claire Dehove

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Claire Dehove developed her artistic activity with WOS/agence des hypothèses, the collective she initiated.

With its members and its punctual and from varying fields partners, WOS experiences of citizens and political protocols
in socialized areas. WOS uses the interactive possibilities of open source and GPS to generate deflexive maps, remote controlled tactile or Ambulantage communication Kits.
WOS installed laboratory-camps, disruptive architectures with established uses, in particular on call centers and also scenography dedicated to informal debates . She created free zones and mobile street devices ( for the benefit of street hawkers from Senegal ). These activities have generated numerous publications and audiovisual sequences. Depending on the context, WOS develops manoeuvres and infiltration strategies.
Before founding WOS, Claire Dehove produced films, installations, lighting, sound and audiovisual devices, performances, that were made in situ or presented in exhibition spaces. She installed urban or floating lounges and micro-gardens. She transformed storehouses , dams and embankments, in collaboration with an architectural agency. Using ad-messages she diffused posters on urban billboards. She realized public commissions, often interactive. At the end of the ‘90s, Claire Dehove co-organized LMX/Stage in Marseille, a mobile and evolutive platform which involved a large number of individuals and presented the processes of these collaborative projects in several artistic institutions.
Claire Dehove considers her participation in seminars or meetings, her public speeches and publications as an integral part of her artistic activity.
Claire Dehove holds the highest French teaching diploma and is a doctor of aesthetics and art theory. From 1990 to 2010 she was associated lecturer in Scenography and Live Arts, director of the Scenography department at l’ENSATT/Paris then Lyon. She then taught in the Art Department of the Institute of Political Studies /Science Po/Paris.