Cirquantique is a collective work company which produces tricky shows, combining striking and sensual burlesque circus and live music. Founded in 2012, our company is the only one to create such a combination. Our productions offer an immersive experience, where the public is invited to dress according to the theme of the event and to party after the show, while other performances come to empower the festive atmosphere of the show.

Our mission is to bring the artists rising from Montreal to break through the professional market, through our top productions by offering them different trainings. Everything is being made under fair work conditions, environmentally and socially approved, according to solidarity and responsibility perspectives.

Mélodie Martin Couture, Trapeze

Passionate since being very young by performing arts, especially by dance and theatre, Melody has always been looking for movement, new challenges and opportunities to come to life on stage. Mélodie finally turn towards the art of circus, specializes herself in trapeze, hula hoop, stilts and manipulation of fire. She performed in Montreal with Cirquantique and at the festival Montréal Complètement Cirque, throughout Québec with Poécirque and in Mexico with Circo Revolución. Having participated at creating the 5 last productions of Cirquantique, it is with great pleasure that she now works as a trapeze artist, promoter and administrator within the  Cirquantique.

Daïna Michaud, Aerial tissues

Artist in visual and media arts, Daïna combines circus and performance into an innovative and creative approach. Having started her training in aerial tissues in Arizona, she has been practicing this art for several years. A true self trainer; her traveling and participations at different festivals brought her professional development in multiple disciplines. Today, she masters the hoop and the dance with the fire. Through this multidisciplinary horizon, it is dancing, which she practices since childhood, that holds together all her passions. Part-time witch, her charm, like all poisons, is both dangerous and addictive.