Catherine Leduc

Catherine Leduc (crédit photo Laurence Poirier)

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First known as the female half of Tricot Machine, Catherine Leduc is now back with Rookie, a first solo album which spreads beautifully and bewitches with its fragile force. A true fontain in today’s folk trend ditch.

Exhuming her guitare, she takes the needed time to tame her new strenght and fully takes on her renewed singer-songwritter situation. A few months later, Rookie was born, a poetic diary, a beam of dream pop mixing up animals and sport analogies, a soothing moment of magic folk.

After releasing three albums and winning a handful of prizes (Felix of the Revelation of the year, Grand Prix de la relève musicale Archambault…), Tricot Machine takes a break during which Catherine begins the creation of her solo project and clears out the way to prevent any repetition.

She prefers to compose her songs, with spontaneity, with no pants on, in the kitchen of a cabin, rather than stay in the confort of what has been done. She is always aiming at new goals in the distance rather than looking in the rear-view mirror.

This way, she convinces her accomplice, Matthieu Beaumont, to try something new to him too. Together, they will tackle all the arrangements and the production of Rookie.