Alexis O’Hara

In one incarnation of her nearly 20 years of interdisciplinary artmaking, Alexis O’Hara was referred to as the Phyllis Diller of experimental music. She’ll take it! Alexis enjoys building forts, the most ‘famous’ of which, SQUEEEEQUE (an igloo built entirely of speakerboxes, wired for sound and spontaneous vocal collabs) was the first acquisition to the Haus der Elektronische Kunst in Basel. As a pioneering artist in the incorporation live looping and electronic vocal processing with spoken word and comedy, she toured extensively in the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America. She offers numerous workshops including Noise School for Feminists. Alexis and her drag king alter-ego, Guizo LaNuit, are mainstays of the Montreal cabaret scene. She has two musical projects with the interdisciplinary artist Stephen Lawson, GuiGi, the world’s only drag-queen/drag-king party medley band and 10,000 Horses, purveyors of epic electroacoustic torch songs who have just released their debut EP Le Grand Silence.