• Performance street art
  • Artist : Étienne Doucet (Montreal)
  • Date :
  • Date : September 11, 2015, during Fantaisies des Escales — Bouillon#2
  • Venue : Bain Mathieu (2915, Ontario Street) Metro station Frontenac or Préfontaine (green line)
  • Attention revised shedule. Show on  8pm30 to 0am30
  • Doors open at 8pm
  • Fees (Include taxes)
  • Presale :20$
  • Regular : 25$
  • Students and 65 +years old : 16$
  • Groups of 10 or + : 16$    
  • A visual arts performance for an immersion in figurative street art from the end of the 80’s in New York.

    Étienne Doucet, influenced by street art, brings the street art to Bain Mathieu with his visual creations which definitely challenge the frontiers between spaces as well as those between sculpture and painting, or figurative and abstract art. He explores several forms of expression: photography, graffiti, painting, sculpture, installations and the clothes design. This multidisciplinary artist deconstructs figures and spaces defying with boldness the norms of pictorial composition. His curiosity for popular culture is a way to praise diversity and proves his motivation to fight against prejudice. The context in which the mural will take place will be influenced by the styles of Basquiat and Haring.

    Come and meet Étienne Doucet during the evening Fantaisies des Escales on September 11th !

    « What is interesting in the Etienne`s approach is that he knows that in order to make a living with his art he needs to adapt and reinvent himself constantly. He is very comfortable with transposing his art in different environments and to play with directions. He says it`s like having a double career, the one who takes places in the art galleries and the one who we find on the t-shirts, des murals or skateboards. » It`s time for a snack. 21 March 2015. « A young artist with a particular approach. »


Etienne Doucet: artiste -peintre émergeant, C’est l’Heure de l’Apéro.

Conceived and realized by : Étienne Doucet

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